Celebrating 100 Years of Women at the Architectural Association.

AA XX 100

To mark one hundred years of the Architectural Association in Bedford Square, the AA is celebrating the centenary of women in the school with AA XX, a multi-media project linking a major exhibition, lectures, website, international conference and publications, including a collection of historical and critical writing about AA women.


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The silhouettes of the four first female AA students were published on page 108, in the Architectural Association Journal, March 1918. AA XX 100 aims to celebrate the great contribution that AA women have made since then as well as serve as a catalyst for bigger ideas and a wider discussion of women in architecture. Involving AA women across the generations, AA XX 100 is highlighting and challenging the concerns and values of the profession from a theorised gendered perspective which recognises the inclusive and collaborative nature of architecture. This website will be continuously updated as the programme is developed leading up to 2017 so please check back for future events and updates.