On Presentation

On Presentation


In a school where your project is experienced, determined and assessed through presentation, we often fail to talk about this as the ultimate tool of the architect. Architects are communicators – translating ideas through various media and coordinating between different teams of specialists in order to transform a project into a reality. In this evening discussion, tutors from across the school will come together to discuss the role of presentation within the AA as well as in the profession as a whole, and how the multiple ways to perform a project could be celebrated rather than standardised. 

Presenting tutors include: Monia de Marchi, Ana Araujo, Maria Fedorchenko, Mark Cousins, Sylvie Taher & Mark Morris.  

AA XX 100 aims to not only celebrate the contribution AA women have made in the last 100 years, but also to serve as a catalyst for a wider discussion on the issues facing architects today. AA XX 100 is a multimedia project of exhibitions, lectures, seminars, a website, international conference and publications, including a collection of historical and critical writing about AA women.

Image: A page from Gilbert Austin’s Chironomia – an 1806 book billed as a Treatise on Rhetorical Delivery where he stressed the importance of voice and gesture to a successful oration, with heads taken from Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadisches Ballett.